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      About Us

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      company profile

      Zhejiang Wanchang Furniture Co.,Ltd established in 2006,covers an area of 120,000 square meters,including 100,000 square meters of the workshop,a warehouse and more than 500 employers,is listed on the new three boards in 2017. Our factory is a dining chair,ottoman,bench,sofa and mattress manufacture which has its own R&D group,wood dryer,painting line.

      Due to the natural style,simple yet prefect design,our products have gained huge favor from customers,in Europe,America and Southeast Asia.Furthermore,we have established a long-term cooperation to some of the word-renowned companies and own a good reputation in the world market.We have get the certificate of ISO 9000:14000,BSCI certificate,pass the Walmart,Target audit.

      We sincerely welcome our old and new friends from all over the word to further know about us bu surfing the net or by field survey.


      Online consultation Follow WeChat 0086-572- TOP
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